ChucK is a music programming language (and compiler/synthesizer) written by a professor (Perry Cook) and his students at Princeton University. I'm learning how to use it; I thought that writing about how to use it would help...

Friday, October 21, 2005

[chuck] version released

[chuck] version released

Dear All,

chuck- (dracula) is now available.

Once again, we have made some small (but potentially critical) language
and API changes (very sorry). The experimental 'loop' keyword has been
renamed to 'repeat', std.abs() now deals with int (instead of float)
and std.fabs() uses floats. Additionally, a sizable bug in
instantiating arrays of null object references have been fixed (we
hope), and /* block comments */ are now supported. See below for more
(may need to reload page to see update)

Please let us know of any issues, and as always, HappY ChucKing!

chuck team

(API changes again)
(syntax change - 'loop' -> 'repeat')
- loop( ... ) construct (see changed to repeat( ... )
- usage and semantics same as before
- this is also an experimental language feature
(let us know if it's good or bad)
- float std.abs( float ) changed -> int std.abs( int )
- use std.fabs( ... ) for floating point absolute value

- (added) \/\* block comments \*\/
- no nesting allowed
- closing '\*\/' not necessary if commenting out rest of the file
- (fixed) arrays of null object references correctly allocated
: Event @ events[128];
- (fixed) DEFAULT sndbuf rate now set correctly to interpolate
for files outside of chuck sample rate (no longer have to
explicit do 1 => buf.rate)
- (fixed) examples/midi/polyfony*.ck no longer creates 128
unnecessary events...
- (changed) examples/stk/ -> examples/stk/
- (changed) examples/stk/ (wacky version)

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