ChucK is a music programming language (and compiler/synthesizer) written by a professor (Perry Cook) and his students at Princeton University. I'm learning how to use it; I thought that writing about how to use it would help...

Friday, July 01, 2005

RBF-soft. [producing] working with chuck (via chuck mailing list)

RBF-soft. [producing] working with chuck

Hi to everyone!, Hi Chuckit list!

We're David & Ivan Rodriguez, RBF-soft. [producing], Electronic Artists from barcelona - Spain. We presented our last work VIFE _alpha v.01 at NIME'05 Vancouver - Canada. VIFE _alpha v.01 is a Virtual I nterface to Feel Emotions. The performer user can control 6 three dimensional sonorous forms with an interactive glove (VIFE _glove v.01) & an anlaysing box (R-CUBE IV). The works investigate the idea of Synaesthesia and her enormous possibilities creating new realities, sensations and zones, where the user can find new points of interaction.

In NIME'05 we knew Ge Wang and Perry Cook. So interesting people ;) :)

After that we presented this project in SONAR'05 (Barcelona), too.

For our next project, we're working with Chuck like a sonorous engine. Chuck is so powerfull and don't need any visual interface, only the console. This is very important for our next work, because we need to save resources and energy to use it in other things like, analysis of audio, synthesis, sonorous effects,... This project is about wearable technology, GPS, sensors,... We will use Chuck for this project.

Best Regards,

rodri_DJ & ivan_VJ
RBF-soft. [producing]