ChucK is a music programming language (and compiler/synthesizer) written by a professor (Perry Cook) and his students at Princeton University. I'm learning how to use it; I thought that writing about how to use it would help...

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Recording ChucK Sounds

There's a detailed lesson on the ChucK Wiki Basically, the key is to add or to the files being chucked. (That's and writes a file called foo.wav in the current directory.

D:\CHUCK>chuck writes a file that's tagged with the current date and time: chuck-session(Sun Jan 23 17h30m58 2005).wav when you run it tagged on the end of the chuck list:


You can either modify to terminate, or you can just kill all the shreds with CTL-C (the close-out routine ChucK uses closes all open files).

.WAV files are somewhat large, so it's probably worthwhile to go to SourceForge and download the current version of Audacity ( (You'll need to also find and download the LAME mp3 recording library via the SourceForge site to export MP3 files from Audacity.)

Or you can use Audacity to export Ogg/Vorbis files...

You'll notice I've added links to a variety of MP3 files I've recorded from the .CK files we've shown well as Mikael's djembe.mp3, which he filed a link to on the ChucK Wiki (I've added links to my files there too...)