ChucK is a music programming language (and compiler/synthesizer) written by a professor (Perry Cook) and his students at Princeton University. I'm learning how to use it; I thought that writing about how to use it would help...

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

[chuck] version released

[chuck] version released

Dear All,

chuck- (dracula) is now available, with new callback
functionality for real-time audio (potentially better for linux and os
x), and several bug fixes: crash when using --replace averted, member
resolution in inherited classes corrected, and string comparison is
less broken, among others. Much thanks to Robin Davies, Manfred
Brockhaus, Leonard "paniq" Ritter, and others for their help.
(may need to reload page to see update)

Please let us know of any issues.

HappY ChucKing!

chuck team

- (added) full callback capability for real-time audio
- blocking functionality still available
- select via flags: --blocking and --callback
- improves latency and stability, especially on linux
- use --callback (default) for low latency / small buffer size
- use --blocking for higher throughput (sometimes)
- (fixed) crash when doing on-the-fly 'replace'
example: chuck --replace 0
- (fixed) implicit cast is now correct when sporking
(thanks to Manfred Brockhaus)
- (fixed) nested class definitions can have same name as outer class
- (fixed) nested class bug in scan1 (thanks to Robin Davies)
- (fixed) variable resolution in parent class now visible
(thanks to Robin Davies)
- (fixed) variable resolution ordering
- local, class, parent, global (thanks to Robin Davies)
- (fixed) emitter now asserts inheritance instead of equality
(thanks to Robin Davies)
- (fixed) string comparison ==, !=
- (added) string operations <, <=, >, >=
- (fixed) examples code reformatted, cleaned, and commented
- (fixed) OSC event function now correctly named ("event")
- (fixed) removed debug output in OSC

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